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We have taken a classic and given it a Mindfoods twist with our functional Chia Pudding. With no added sugar or flavourings, this product is as natural as it can be. We've used freeze-dried strawberry bits to give it an intense strawberry flavour and topped it off with Amla powder, which has high levels of naturally occurring Vitamin C, to aid immunity and skin health. This truly is the ultimate breakfast on the go or even a delicious dessert when you feel like treating yourself!



• Made in: Canada

• Weight: 0.77 lb


About Mindfoods:


Mindfoods started from Miria Huber and Mariana Veras personal journey of self-improvement combining the benefits of mindfulness and natural food. They were always naturally curious and practical, intrigued about the dynamics of body and mind, and shared a strong love for natural foods. At Mindfoods, food is the foundation of health, and mindfulness is the act of bringing one's attention to the present. Mindfoods understands the importance of being present when sharing a meal with loved ones, nourishing your body after a workout, or simply snacking. With a daily busy routine though, society no longer nourishes itself healthily and holistically. Mariana and Miria came up with a product that addresses the practicality our everyday lives need, is made of pure, organic, ancient foods, and is flavourful and nourishes the mind and the body. A chia pudding that is not your everyday chia pudding. It is an easy breakfast, snack, on-the-go meal option.

Mindfoods Chia Pudding Strawberry Zen+Amla

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