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Chaga Coffee


125g Coffee Chaga blend. (Fair Trade, organic coffee) Chaga mixed in with the perfect blend of coffee to help kick start your morning! 



What is Chaga?

Chaga is classified as a mushroom and is currently being recognized by many health gurus for its numerous benefits. Chaga grows on 1/10,000 birch trees in colder northern climates and grows an average of  ½ an inch per year. It has been used for centuries by natives to help maintain good health. It has a black charcoal outer layer with a yellow spongy looking inside.


Antioxdant Benefit

Chaga contains massive amounts of the natural black pigment known as melanin. Melanin has high antioxidant levels due to the amount of polyphenols it contains and in fact, chaga has the highest ORAC score (the measure of antioxidant potency) of any superfood. Melanin is the same antioxidant naturally found in human skin that protects against sun damage.
High antioxidant levels also support cellular regeneration and protect against cellular damage, oxidation and free radical damage.




The Chaga Health and Wellness company originates in Oshawa, Ontario, as a family operated business. They have had close friends and family that suffered from poor health conditions, and used chaga to help offset them. After hearing numerous good things about it, they began using it for their own health benefit and have since sought toward improving the lives of others!  


Chaga Coffee - Chaga Health and Wellness

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