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November Promo: Lift & Tightening


Nov 4, 2022

Facial Massage + Facial Acupuncture Package

November promo: special offer price for facial massage and facial acupuncture package

This special massage stimulates the lymph glands in the face, removing toxins and excess fluids. The massage also features repetitive movements to stimulate blood flow, remove toxins and release tension.

One of the many benefits of the facial acupuncture is that it stimulates collagen production which fills in wrinkles and smooths out the face.

Also, bad circulation makes your face seem puffy and pale. Massaging around your mouth, eyes and eyebrows will increase the circulation and take away puffiness to brighten your skin.

Fall is an especially dry season for your skin since the humidity levels drop dramatically.  This can cause the skin to become dry and dull.

We had many people asking if there is a Facial + Facial acupuncture package and we thought it will be a great package treatment for this fall season.  Thank you for asking!  This will be a November promotion!

  • Facial massage (45mins) + Facial acupuncture (60mins) treatment - $165 plus HST

If you are a new client for the acupuncture treatment, there will be an additional fee for an initial consultation making the total $200.

Book now for your November appointment!

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