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Enjoy our 3 special boxes for this Valentine’s!!


Feb 7, 2022

Nagomi's theme for this Valentine’s Day is "BEAUTY SLEEP"
Give the gift of good, restful, rejuvenating sleep to your loved ones!

A well-rested sleep is essential to beautiful and healthy skin!

When you heal your body & soul, your skin will heal. It is very important to have quality sleep for skin renewal and restoration. The deeper layers of your skin are working hard at night to repair damage from environmental stressors (photo-aging, dehydrating due to the climate) that they encounter all day long. This is also the time that your skin produces collagen to keep your skin firm and smooth.

That’s why we call it “Beauty Sleep”

So for this valentine’s day our valentine special is all about “Beauty Sleep”. Treat your loved ones with what they deserve!

Valentine box C is a collaboration box with our talented friends, Chihiro (Natural Japaneats) and Vegan chef Haru. (Tsuchi Cafe)!! They created amazing flavoured mochi that you have never tried before!! (Only limited quantities available)

Check out our valentine’s specials for this year!! ↓↓↓

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