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Celebrate this Mother’s Day with Nagomi’s Mother’s Day gift bag!!


May 2, 2022

The theme of our gift this Mother’s Day is “Floral Blossom”

We will have:

  • a beautiful flower arrangement with Fairy Petals (Mississauga)

  • a floral tea candle by Gona candles (New Brunswick)

  • Original blend “Facial Steam” by Nagomi Beauty Room

Nagomi’s original blend “Facial Steams” are essentially teas for your face. They are formulated from a mix of dried flowers and Chinese medicinal herbs that you scoop into a bowl, pour boiling water over, then drape a towel over your head, and allow the steam to envelop you for about five minutes.

In addition to aiding gentle exfoliation, facial steaming can help allow active ingredients to better penetrate the skin.

It Hydrates the skin, Cleans pores, Calms your mind, boosts collagen and elastin production and increases blood circulation. With increased blood circulation, products can more easily pass through the skin barrier.

Ingredients: Rose petals (Rich in Vitamin A and C! antioxidant, moisturizing ) Jasmine bud (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial) Peach bud (promotes blood circulation and nourishes the skin.) Calendula (Moisturizing, Anti-inflammatory) Peach Green Tea (Momo Tea) (anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, neuroprotective) Loquat leaves (anti-inflammatory) Mugwort (Soothing, Anti-inflammatory) Fragrant Olive (Moisturize) Peony Roots (Anti-inflammatory, blood circulation, clearing skin, tightening) Angelica Acutiloba (Moisturizing, Prevents breakouts) Camomile (Calms the skin, Anti-aging)

*Fairy Petals (Mississauga) At the age 11, owner Sumako started to take lessons from her aunt who is a master of Shin-Ikenobo (Ikebana) in Japan. She then moved to Canada, graduated from the Toronto Flower School and founded Fairy Petals Design in 2022. Her arrangements make your day brighter! *Gona Candles Based in New Brunswick, Canada, Gona candles make 100% Soy wax candles inspired by the time owner Seiko spent living in Canada and Japan. All the candles have a beautiful story to tell that we can all can relate to. Enjoy the beautiful combination of natural fragrances.

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