Sennenq  [Do not use fire Moxa cautery] Taiyo


Moxibustion is a traditional chinese medicine therapy which consists of burning dried mugwort on particular points on the body.

Moxibustion can be used for many reasons because it provides many benefits. The first benefit of moxibustion is it is warming to the body. Many people who have autoimmune diseases, low immunity and blood conditions are frequently cold. The warming properties of moxa make it a great choice for these types of conditions.
Moxa is also a good choice for those suffering from aches and pains. The warming properties of moxa allow it to increase blood flow by warming the blood. Increased blood flow means increased oxygenation to the tissues, muscles and tendons that are sore.
Another benefit of utilizing moxibustion is increased immunity. Studies have shown moxibustion significantly increases the white blood cell count in the body, which is the major component of the immune system. Moxa strengthens the immune system and helps re-balance autoimmune diseases.


Heat stimulation is essential for moxibustion to be effective, and for this reason it is impossible to completely prevent the risk of low-temperature burns.  It is therefore important to carefully monitor your physical condition so that you are aware of any physical condition so that you are aware of any changes or abnormalities as soon as possible.  

Incorrect use of moxa products may cause problems.  Please make sure to use these products properly and effectively based on the correct understanding of their use.

Sennenq Taiyo is “do not use fire Moxa cautery” it is like a healing patch. So no smoke and no actual fire.  It gradually warm up the acupuncture point.

Sennenq Taiyo

  • Remove Sennenkyu Taiyo from the sealed package, peel of the seal from the top (convex portion) and the surface to be placed on the skin and affix to the affected area.

    (Sennenkyu Taiyo is disposable and cannot be reused.)

    The duration of the warming effect of Sennenkyu Taiyo is about 3 hours.
    the average temperature on the skin surface is about 40 to 50c
    Warming begins when the top seal is removed.
    They product may be applied once per day to the same site.

    Precautions When Using the self-heating Moxa:

    These products should not be used by the following persons:
    -Persons who are unable to remove the product from the skin themselves.
    Children and infants

    Do not use these products on the following areas of the body:
    -Mucous membranes
    -Areas of eczema, skin irritation or open wounds.

    The following persons should consult a physician or an Acupuncturist.
    -Pregnant women
    -Persons who have circulatory disorders or who have limited sensitivity to heat, such as diabetics.