-Facial sunscreen, moisturizer and makeup primer that protects and hydrates with a lightweight texture.


SPF 32 (For protection against UVB rays / sunburn)

PA ++++ (For protection against UVA rays / aging)


Free of :  Alcohol, Fragrances & Dyes, Mineral oils, paraben



Chemical-Free:  Only contains Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide.


Made with a unique manufacturing method:  Created with the “oil-in method” for a lightweight texture and for sensitive skin.


Made with ingredients that not only protect but hydrate your skin.


Key ingredients:


Organic Aloe vera:  Increases collagen production and improves skin elasticity.


This incredible succulent plant holds vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, folic acid, and minerals in its flesh. The antioxidant and antibacterial qualities of Aloe Vera make it the perfect natural ingredient for all skin types.


Soybean Sprout Extract: Provides large amounts of polyamine that promotes collagen production.


Enriched with Vitamin E, which Reduces Signs of Wrinkles


Chamomile Extract:  Includes flavonoids which replenishes moisture lost to the aging process.


Anti-aging, Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidants, Clears Pores


Natural Silk: A great source for skin nourishing amino acids, increases penetration into the skin.


Anti-Aging, Natural Proteins


About Altie Products:


Skin will naturally age as we age. Yet the Altie series will revitalize your skin in a way you’ve never seen before. Focusing on photoaging, the exclusive Aloe Enrich® and Princess Care elements are in all of our products. It will help solve your skin problems and provide you with more luminous skin. Its daily care will nurture and regenerate your skin, while enhancing your skin’s elasticity and natural beauty. Experience the joy of your skin being treated from the inside out.

*UV rays from the sun and artificial light, such as computer screens, dry your skin and reduce its elasticity, leaving you with prematurely aged skin.


Altie is in all of our products which focuses on skin cell regeneration.


Aloe Enrich®

It brings aloe vera’s skin strength to your skin. Three carefully selected natural oils supplement the work of aloe vera, resulting in more natural and smooth skin.

Contains the moisturizing extracts of aloe vera, soybean buds, chamomile flowers and hydrolyzed silk, all of which are moisturizing ingredients.


Princess Care

It contains an extract from the Himefuro plant. In combination with Aloe Enrich®, it addresses skin damaged by photoaging and dryness, resulting in more youthful skin.

Contains Himefuro extract, which is a moisturizing ingredient.



Facial sunscreen ( Moisturizers with SPF )

  • 保護だけではなく、保湿も出来る肌に優しい日焼け止め美容液です。



    紫外線散乱剤を使用した日焼け止めは一般的に粉っぽく、白くなりやすいという印象があると思いますが、紫外線をカット力を上げると使用感が悪くなるというデメリットも、アルティエ ザ・UVカットエッセンスは独自のオイルイン処方※(水の中に油分を閉じ込める)を採用することで、紫外線カット効果を高めながら、伸びがよいみずみずしい使用感が’あり、それだけでなくつけている間に保湿もしてくれる優れものです。



    ”オーガニックアロエベラ”  高い保湿力を持ち肌荒れを防ぐ

    ”ダイズ芽エキス”   コラーゲンへのサポート力

    ”カミツレ花エキス”      エイジングケア

    ”天然シルク”        肌への浸透力