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Aloe Facial Soap

Our AloenRich® formula allows us to create a face cleanser that is as gentle as it is powerful. The Original element "AloenRich" mixture focuses on the regenerative powers of the skin. AloenRich® uses three key natural elements that have been carefully selected and naturally sourced to enhance the effectiveness of Aloe Vera.

Restore Your Skin With Each Wash

Gently washes away dirt and dead skin cells that dull your face. Experience new luminous and clear skin after each wash. Our Traditional Production Method That Gives Each Bar A Handcrafted Feel. Uses the traditional "frame-kneading" manufacturing method. Exquisitely made by experienced and skilled craftsmen. The last step in the process is to allow the Aloe soap to dry naturally over time.


Frame Kneeding Manufacturing Method:

Each bar is poured into a frame and is allowed the time to freeze and harden. This process is different from the typical methods of machine manufacturing. By combining natural moisture retention elements, and drying naturally, the soap is allowed to form correctly and has longer longevity.


Aloe Facial Soap

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  • オーガニックのアロエベラを栽培から販売まで一貫して行なっている会社が、そのオーガニックのアロエベラを主成分にお化粧品を作っているラボと共同開発した商品です。





    ”オーガニックアロエベラ”  高い保湿力を持ち肌荒れを防ぐ

    ”ダイズ芽エキス”                 コラーゲンへのサポート力

    ”カミツレ花エキス”            エイジングケア

    ”天然シルク”                        肌への浸透力


    プリンセスケア ヒメフウロと呼ばれる植物の全草から抽出したエキス

    ヒメフウロ: 紫外線・近赤外線による皮膚の光老化に深く関わっている酵素「トリプターゼ」の働きを阻害し、シワの発生を予防し、コラーゲンの働きも良くすることが出来ると言われています。※トリプターゼ ”炎症、光老化を引き起こす原因となる酵素”




  • Directions

    Use after makeup removal. The rich “dense foam” gently covers delicate skin providing a clean, moisturized feeling.

    Suggested Usage

    Use twice a day: Once in the morning and at night.


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